Turbine Vibration Specialist

A Turbine vibration specialist specializes in complex turbine vibration data acquisition, analysis, recommendations, and balancing.

Turbine generators require specialized vibration services as they are both complex and unique multi-bearing turbomachinery, with:

  • Most large turbine generators have supercritical rotors, requiring a keen understanding of rotor dynamics, supercritical modal analysis, and compromise balancing for slow, at-speed, and critical speeds within operational range.
  • Thermal growth effects on vibration phase, angle, and amplitude during modes of operation
  • Multiple types of bearings can be used on a single machine, including: Tilting pad, elliptical, shortened elliptical, cylindrical, tapered land, Kingsbury, roller, etc
  • Our Turbine vibration experts are also well versed in the particularly tough cases of turbine vibration, including Synchronizing condenser applications and SSS clutch vibration and alignment.




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