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Gas Turbine Services Provided:

  • Outage Client Representation
  • Gas Turbine Field Engineer
  • Maintenance Scheduling / Planning
  • Technical Support and Consultation
  • Troubleshooting and Analysis
  • Work and bid scope development

Gas Turbine Generator Maintenance Experience:

7F.01 - 7F.05 501AA SGT5-2000E
7F, 7FA, 7FA+e, 7FB 501D5A, 501D5 SGT5-4000E
7B, 7C, 7E, 7EA 501B6, 501B12 SGT6-2000E
6B, 6FA 501F, 501FD, 501FC SGT6-5000F
9E, 9F, 9FA 501G SGT6-5000F
FRAME 5, 3 251, 191

SGT-100, 200, 400, 600

LM2500/ LM5000/ LM6000    

Specialist Services

  • Generator
  • Vibration Specialist for data acquisition, analysis, recommendations, and balancing
  • Hydrogen Seals
  • Alignment
  • Boroscope Inspections
  • Shop surveillance and expediting

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